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10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market Today

10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market Today

10 Best Coffee Makers On The Market Today

It’s never been easier to make delicious coffee at home or work, with a huge range of high-quality coffee makers on the market at the moment. But knowing which machine to buy can be difficult because there’s so much choice - should you opt for a French press, an espresso machine, a drip coffee maker, a single-serve brewer or a cold brew machine? When purchasing a coffee machine, you will need to consider how much coffee you drink, how much time you have to prepare the coffee, and your budget. There are coffee makers for all tastes, circumstances and budgets, so browse through our list of 10 of the very best coffee makers available to find the right machine for you.

1. Portable Coffee Maker Machine Travel Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker Machine Travel Coffee Maker 

For those on the go, portable coffee makers make an ideal choice. With a sleek white design and stainless steel liner, this portable maker guarantees you a great cup of coffee on the go.

2. Espresso Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Italian Coffee Machine 

At the top end of the market, this espresso maker can produce various types of coffee, and with a steam function, it makes perfect milk foam to ensure delicious coffee-shop-quality coffee at home. This model is also scald-proof for safety and easy to clean. In addition, it will look elegant and stylish on your kitchen counter.

3. Oxx Coffeeboxx 85 Oz. Green Coffee Maker

A big step further than a standard portable machine, this is the tough guy of the coffee maker world, designed to endure the very harshest of environments. This machine is portable and lightweight, but it is built to deliver high-quality coffee on worksites, campsites or wherever you are. It is designed to be crushproof, impact-resistant and dust-resistant. This robust machine is not necessary for everyone, but it’s definitely a great choice for those who want to use the machine for traveling or outdoor work.

4. Proctor Silex 100 Cups Silver Coffee Urn

If you need to brew coffee for lots of people in a work environment or for entertaining lots of guests, this machine with dual heaters for brewing is a perfect option. It allows you to brew from 20 to around 100 cups of fresh hot coffee and also has a gentle warming function.

5. Proctor Silex 12 Cups Black Coffee Maker

Ideal for home environments, this stylish coffee machine features an auto pause-and-serve function to provide you with that first quick cup of hot coffee, and it has an adjustable brew strength selector.

6. BUNN Speed Brew 10 Cups Black Coffee Maker 

BUNN Speed Brew 10 Cups Black Coffee Maker

These speed machines can brew 10 cups of coffee in around 4 minutes, making them a superb option for those coffee lovers who just can’t wait. Because the Bunn Speed Brew machine stores hot water in a commercial-grade stainless steel tank, it can brew delicious coffee on demand, from a large travel mug (20 ounces) up to a full pot (50 ounces).

7. Hamilton Beach 45 Cups Black/Silver Coffee Urn

If you’re looking for a machine to cater to large gatherings, this one is a good choice because it makes 15 to 45 cups, taking only a minute to brew each cup. It also features a ready-to-serve indicator. This coffee maker has proved to be popular with consumers thanks to its combination of elegant design and efficiency.

8. BUNN Speed Brew 10 Cups Black/Silver Coffee Maker 

For real coffee connoisseurs, this Speed Brew boasts the same quick brewing function thanks to its stainless steel tank, but this machine will keep the coffee hot and delicious with its attractive thermal carafe that keeps the coffee hot for two or more hours.

9. Hammered Copper Coffee Pot For Melting Butter and Warming Liquids

For those who want to try brewing coffee in a traditional way, this hammered copper coffee pot will brew flavorful coffee in the traditional Turkish manner. The coffee is made by bringing coffee powder to a boil with water, and traditionally sugar, too, in a beautiful pot, resulting in a strong and tasty coffee.

10. Primula Pace 40 Oz. Black Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

Primula Pace 40 Oz. Black Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Instead of the common method of using hot water to brew coffee, cold brewing works by steeping coffee grounds in cold water over a longer period of time, resulting in a smoother and sweeter coffee that is lower in acidity than hot brewed coffee.