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10 Small Kitchen Island Design Ideas

10 Small Kitchen Island Design Ideas

10 Small Kitchen Island Design Ideas

So you've found yourself with a small kitchen, but you still want to have an island? Well, of course you do; kitchen islands bring timeless style and huge amounts of practicality into your kitchen space. The great news is that a small kitchen does not mean you have to give up on your dreams of installing a kitchen island, and we have ten ways that you can do it, even if your square footage is working against you.

Lose a wall of units

One way to install an island without losing much space is by removing a wall of floor standing units. This retains your floor space and gives you the space you need to move around the island. You can still make the most of the wall by installing higher units or perhaps open storage for glasses, plates, or even a wine rack.

Go tiny

Go tiny

This is the most obvious solution; a small kitchen calls for a small island. You can still use it to eat at and to prepare food - just keep it tidy and clutter-free to make the most of the space you have. Kitchen islands can be as small as one or two feet wide if that's all you can fit! Fold-up bar chairs will also maximize space when the island is not in use.

Go long and slim

If you have a long, slim, galley kitchen, consider a long, slim island that fits into the space you have. Make sure you always have space to safely move around the island.

Consider a fold-up island

This is not strictly an island as it will remain connected to one wall, but if your kitchen is super tiny, this could be the perfect solution. The trend toward wall-mounted desks and tables that fold up when not in use has been increasing for years. This is thanks to rising property prices and people living in smaller city dwellings. Luckily, urban people are clever and fold-up furniture is the solution to all sorts of space issues. This includes a fold-up kitchen island, which can be tidied away and connected back in place against the wall when not in use..

Pull-out island

Just like the fold-up/pull-down option, a pull-out island is another excellent solution. A simple pull-out island can be installed under your main countertop, perhaps in place of a cutlery drawer, and pulled out whenever needed.

Make use of space underneath

Make use of space underneath

If you have a small kitchen, you need to make use of every bit of space you have. Consider using the space below the island in the best way you can. Could you integrate drawers for cutlery, a bin, a wine fridge or perhaps even your actual fridge into the space below? This will free up much-needed room elsewhere in the kitchen.

Free-standing narrow island

Free-standing narrow island

This could be on wheels or simply light enough to carry, but the important thing here is that it can be moved to another room when not in use. It will have to be narrow enough to fit through the door, but you can design it however you please; just make sure it works with the decor of both your living area and your kitchen.

Stainless steel chef's table

Get a proper metal chef's table. That's right - we're talking about the stainless steel ones you see in professional kitchens. These tend to be slimmer and simpler than built-in islands and are easy to move around. They're great if you are going for a modern, minimalist or industrial look.

Upcycle an old dresser

If cost is also an issue for you and you care about sustainability, upcycling an old piece of furniture is ideal. The best in terms of size and shape for making a kitchen island is a dresser, which means you can cleverly use the drawers for kitchen storage, such as for pans and plates. Using a dresser means you won't be able to comfortably eat around it as you can't tuck a chair in, but it's a great solution if you are looking for an extra workspace and more storage.

Upcycle an old bookcase

This is another sustainable solution, and you can even install a proper piece of kitchen worktop on top so it matches the rest of the room. This is a great choice for a narrow kitchen and provides plenty of exposed shelving underneath.

These ten super-simple solutions for getting an island into a small kitchen should give you some much-needed space. The great thing about these solutions is that many are low in cost, too!