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10 Time-Saving Kitchen Layout Ideas

10 Time-Saving Kitchen Layout Ideas

10 Time-Saving Kitchen Layout Ideas

The kitchen is many people’s favorite room. We gather there, talk, eat, and prepare our food there. It’s often an integral part of our living space and key to the smooth running of our whole household. Spend some time considering the layout of the most important space of your house. There are no rules, but there are guidelines for making the most of your space and choosing time-saving kitchen layouts.

1. The Triangle

The “working triangle” is among the most popular elements in any kitchen design. It allows you to have all the main functions close by - the cooker, the sink and the refrigerator - and having them on three points of a triangle saves you time. Each “side” should be no longer than three paces. You can put ingredients directly back into the fridge and soak pans immediately after use. Doing that saves you time on the dishes, too! Try to keep these routes clear to avoid accidents.

2. Single Wall Kitchen

Sometimes a triangle isn’t an option. Maybe you have a stunning open plan living space and your kitchen is along a single wall. In that case, the line might be a better design so it doesn’t impact your living space. It’s a different way of living and will have you spending your time differently. With your kitchen in full view of the living area, you can take time curating the space and adding things of interest that are pretty and functional. This Manual and Citrus Juicer is a great example of an eye-catching appliance that can be left on the counter.

Manual and Citrus Juicer

3. Galley layout

Named after the style often found on ships, the galley layout is an efficient option where space is at a premium. It has two runs of cabinets parallel to each other. Although the space between them might not be large, it is easy to implement the work triangle with two to three elements on one side and the third on the other.

4. U-Shape

Closing off one end of a galley layout gives you a U-shape. People often put one of the three elements of the triangle on the end, with one each on either side of the U for a simple and effective design.

5. Space Yourself

Kitchens can easily become overcrowded, and if people are trying to do different things in the same space, you’ll quickly find yourself frustrated. When you design your kitchen, allow plenty of space between the main areas so you have room to work. Small kitchens are not inferior as long as you plan and allow space.

6. Zone Out

Grouping things together by task or use makes sense and saves a lot of time in the long run. For example, you can store pots and pans close to your stove. A smaller zone might be where you make your coffee. Put your coffee maker and kettle in a space, with your mugs and beans or powder nearby. Ideally, that’s not too far from your refrigerator.

You’ll want to have mugs close by for making drinks but not always shut away. When you choose pretty mugs, like this Mermaid Blue Mug, you might prefer to have a cabinet with a glass front to show them off.

Mermaid Blue Mug

7. L Shape

With more sides than the single wall but not a full U shape, the L-shaped design has some units at a right angle from the main run. This saves time by incorporating an extra space for storage,= or giving enough room for a small dining area.

8. Peninsula

This is similar to the U shape, but one element is accessible from both sides and isn’t attached to a wall. It’s ideal for a breakfast bar or for making your kitchen a sociable area. If you have a dining table on one side of the peninsula and kitchen space on the other side, you can save time moving between preparing and eating areas.

9. Island

Kitchen Island

If space allows, an island has been a very popular layout choice in recent years. It’s a good time-saving layout that incorporates elements of the living space with the kitchen. If you are wondering whether you have space for an island, you probably don’t; there must still be ample space for you to work safely in your “triangle”, especially with access to the stove.

10. Low Maintenance

Investing in your kitchen is one thing when it comes to saving time, but consider your tools as well; if you buy cheap pans, you might pat yourself on the back for saving money, but you might end up spending lots of time scrubbing them. Invest in your tools as well.