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10 Ways To Turn A Boring Kitchen Table Into Designer Furniture

10 Ways To Turn A Boring Kitchen Table Into Designer Furniture

10 Ways To Turn A Boring Kitchen Table Into Designer Furniture

The kitchen may very well be the most important room in the house, and one of the most important parts of any kitchen is the table. The kitchen table is the very hub of the home and is the focal point in the room. If your table is looking a little dated or worn, you might be thinking of buying a replacement, but a new table and chairs can be an expensive purchase. The good news is that there’s no need to buy a replacement - there are ways to upcycle your old table to give it a new look. Read on to discover 10 ways to update your existing kitchen table to change the look and make it feel like a new designer piece of furniture.

Paint it

Paint it

By painting a kitchen table, you can completely change its look. This is particularly effective if you update your kitchen and you want to change your table to match. It’s actually not as difficult as you may think, and there is a wide range of chalk paints available that allow you to achieve a great finish. You can paint the whole thing one color or contrast the top with the legs.

Stencil the top

Stenciling is slightly more intricate than painting the whole thing, but it does mean you can really create something unique. Furniture stencils come in a range of designs, from art deco to floral, and modern stencils come in high-quality materials to ensure an excellent finish. You can use spray paints or a paintbrush depending on the look you want to achieve.

Add a touch of metallic

Adding a metallic touch to your table can instantly transform the look. Metallic touches are very popular at the moment, so think about adding rose gold, brass or copper touches to your table. You may be able to match to metallic elements in your kitchen, or you might just want to create something unique. You can use gold leaf spray paints to add a special touch to either the top or legs of the table.

Change the top

By just swapping the tabletop, it can give the piece of furniture a whole new look. It’s possible to simply fit a larger top over the existing one, but you don’t want to go too large as it needs to remain safe and stable.

Re-stain the wood

Re-stain the wood

You can change the look of a wooden table by sanding it down and restaining the wood. You can achieve a fresh look with a light stain and rich look with a dark stain.

Lighten the wood

It’s possible to lighten wood by liming the table. This process involves using a lime-and-water solution to give the wood a whitewashed, aged look. It can really freshen up a dated table, giving it a new lease on life.

Add benches

For a complete change, try getting rid of the chairs and adding some modern low benches on either side of the table for seating. These can be either matching or contrasting, but they will give the table a really modern new look. Benches also allow more people to squeeze around the table and save space as they can be tucked underneath, allowing the table to take center stage.

Mix up the chairs

Another option for changing the seating to update the look is to try mixing up different styles of chairs to give a modern, relaxed, eclectic look. Mixing styles and colors of chairs definitely adds interest to the furniture.

Tile the top

Tile the top

By tiling the top of the table, you can achieve a really unique and stylish look. Choose a tile design to fit in with your kitchen - there are tiles of every color and style you can imagine, so you can opt for something rustic for a farmhouse look or something more contemporary for a modern kitchen style. Tiles are practical for a tabletop, too, as you can wipe them clean and they are generally heat resistant.

Use a tablecloth

There’s one way you can instantly transform a boring table, and that is by using a tablecloth. The right tablecloth will update the look of the table with minimum effort and expenditure on your side. You don’t want to use any standard table cloth because that isn’t going to create the impact you are after. Using a floor-length tablecloth, however, will make a statement and give the table a really elegant look.