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12 Best Blenders in 2021

12 Best Blenders in 2021

12 Best Blenders in 2021

If you want to make decent smoothies at home (and who doesn't?), you're going to need a decent blender. Many of the blenders on this list are also perfect for mixing cake batters, beating eggs and even making soups. From mighty stand-up blenders with heavy-duty motors to hand-held manual gadgets for easy everyday blending, we've scoured the stores (and the internet) to bring you the very best blenders available in 2021.

1. Vitamix 5200 - Best for thick soups

The biggest, baddest boy in town, the new Vitamix 5200 might be a tad on the pricey side, but if you want a blender that can make a perfect soup as well as a simple smoothie, this is the answer. The tough, powerful motor is able to make quick work out of even the thickest of ingredients. It also comes with a seven-year manufacturers warranty and a large 64-ounce container.

2. Kitchenaid K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender - Best for crushing ice and occasional use

Not nearly as powerful as the Vitamix but much more affordable, this Kitchenaid blender might be advertised as an ice crusher, but it takes to task most smoothies and even some soup requirements. It's perfect for those who aren't going to use their blender on a daily basis.

3. Multicolored Plastic Hand Blender - Best for on-the-go blending

Multicolored Plastic Hand Blender

This manual handheld blender from Glow Road is available to buy at Not only does it look good with its colored handle, but you can use it with one hand, unlike most manual blenders, which require two. It's perfect for rooms with few power sources or for making smoothies on the go (hotel rooms, work, camping). It also boasts an attractive price point.

4. Breville 3X Juicer Pro - Best for juicing

This serious juicer is not cheap, but it's the best option for those who want a powerful appliance that juices and blends.

5. Osta Versa Pro Series - Best for everyday use

For those who don't want to shell out for the Vitamix 5200 but still want a heavy-duty, durable blender that can manage really thick smoothies or soups, the Osta Versa Pro Series is ideal. This blender also boasts a seven-year manufacturer's warranty.

6. Cuisinart Smartpower Blender/Processor - Best glass blender

Sometimes we only want the most elegant appliances in our kitchen, and with most new blenders featuring plastic containers, the traditional choice of glass makes this one a cut above the rest. It's also hugely powerful and has two containers - one to use as a food processor and one as a blender.

7. Cleanblend Blender - Best for perfect smoothies

Best for perfect smoothies

The super-powerful motor on the Cleanblend makes for deliciously smooth smoothies. It's also half the price of the Vitamix. The biggest drawback of this blender is the short warranty, which is just three years compared to the seven you get from the Osta Versa and Vitamix.

8. Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender - Best for small kitchens

This small but powerful standalone blender from Cuisinart is perfect for those who want something durable enough to use everyday but compact enough to keep out on the kitchen surface.

9. Black + Decker Fusion Blade - Best for quiet blending

They don't just make tools; this budget standalone blender from Black + Decker brings the company's motor knowledge to the kitchen with this slim, attractive option. Best of all, it's one of the quietest electric blenders on this list.

10. Ace 60 Cooking Blender - Best for soups

This amazing option from Instant Pot actually heats ingredients up to 200 degrees F, which means you can use it to cook soup and blend it with ease.

11. Scarlett HE-133 Electric Hand Blender- Best electric hand blender

Scarlett HE-133 Electric Hand Blender

This is an affordable, handheld, two-whisk electric blender that bridges the gap between the cheapest single-whisk manual blenders and motored standalone options. Also available to buy from greatkitchenet, it has seven speed settings for everything from blending a smoothie to beating eggs, mixing cakes and even mashing potatoes.

12. Nutribullet Blender Combo - Best for versatility

Fairly new to the kitchen gadget market, Nutribullet has already gained cult status as the go-to option for home smoothies. This model has a 1200W motor and five speeds. It has been created to get through the toughest skins and pith while sorting seeds out. It also comes with two handy drink containers, which can be blended directly into.