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8 Tips To Maximize Your Kitchen Space

8 Tips To Maximize Your Kitchen Space

8 Tips To Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Whatever size your kitchen is, if you aren’t mindful about the space, it will quickly feel cluttered and overcrowded. It’s primarily a functional space, so it really needs to be organized and tidy. Many people find that having more space is sometimes harder to keep on top of because the urge to fill it with more utensils and gadgets is strong. Big or small, here are eight tips to maximize your kitchen space.

Start With a Deep Clean

Getting rid of unwanted items from your kitchen can be quite a therapeutic exercise, and once you’ve spent some time cleaning up, you’ll be inclined to keep the space tidy at least for a little while. Be honest about what you use and what seemed like a good idea at the time but never comes out of the cabinet these days. Maybe you have a collection of old or chipped crockery that is still taking up space or a canteen of cutlery that was a wedding present but you never liked it. Whatever the story is, now is the time to get rid of anything you don’t want or need any more. Donate anything that is suitable to a charity shop and ditch the rest. Right away, you will find you have a lot more space than you thought!

A Place For Everything

Once everything has a place, it’s time to put everything in its place. Think about what needs to go where. Do you want your coffee and mugs close to the coffee maker? Put everything away so you can start fresh. The "place" doesn’t necessarily have to away in a cabinet; if you have decorative items you want to display, give them a place on your counter or open shelving. Appliances like this Coffee Maker will also probably be on the side, so make sure they have a space near the power supply.

Coffee Maker


Use the available space on your walls to create additional storage space. Hang a set of hooks to hold anything from pots and pans to cups or even oven mitts and towels. Making sure there is something to link the items together, such as a set of utensils or something beautiful and eye-catching, like this White Leopard Cat Mug, helps make a deliberate display of your storage.

White Leopard Cat Mug

Look For Extra Space

Get creative! Look for additional space where it might not be immediately obvious. The inside of cabinet doors is often a good spot for hanging narrow racks. Think of somewhere to store pan lids or aluminum foil - items that aren’t necessarily large but will take up space elsewhere and can fit into these smaller spaces. Cutting boards are another good option for putting on the inside of a door.

Some modern kitchens have the garbage can on the inside of a cabinet, too. This can be especially useful in smaller kitchens, where a freestanding one might take up valuable floor space. Garbage cans are not the most beautiful thing in your kitchen, and they can be smelly. Everyone has trash, but that doesn’t mean we all need to see it!

Space Above Your Sink

The wall above your sink is often dead space, but with some creative thinking, it could become very useful. Mount a dish rack there and your wet dishes can drip straight into the sink. Plus, you'll save on counter space.

Make The Sink Area Multifunctional

Sinks are essential in a kitchen, but they do tend to take up a big chunk of space that is not used when you aren’t doing dishes. Create a multifunctional space by getting a cutting board that can fit over the sink to give you an extra work surface when you need it.

Don’t Forget The Refrigerator

The side of the refrigerator is often dead space that could be used for storing things like a spice rack or even your "command center" for schedules, coupons, and calendars. With just a few magnets, you have the perfect home hub!

Buy In Bulk And Decant

Buy In Bulk And Decant

Buying things in bulk can save money, but trying to store it all in your kitchen can take a lot of space. Instead, try storing it elsewhere in the house or garage and decanting smaller amounts of coffee, pasta, and sugar into pretty canisters that won’t take up so much space and will look nice on display.

A little careful planning will allow you to maximize your kitchen space and keep everything organized and tidy.