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Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

If you have never considered decorating with white kitchen appliances, you may be surprised at the looks you can achieve. White kitchen appliances are currently enjoying a revival among many kitchen interior designers. People tend to think that white appliances are dated, but they are not only fresh and stylish in their own right but practical, too. With white kitchen appliances, there is no worry about replacing an item because the colors don’t match if one breaks down. With that in mind, we have put together a number of ideas that might interest you if you are thinking about decorating your kitchen with white kitchen appliances.

Decorating With White Kitchen Appliances

Your First Kitchen

If you are just moving out of the family home and furnishing your new apartment or house for the first time, you might be wondering where to start when it comes to buying those essential kitchen appliances. There are so many different and very useful kitchen appliances and tools out there to choose from, all with appealing features. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you will have to consider what appliances to buy and what you need most. If your kitchen is small, you cannot go wrong with a small toaster oven, for example. These are so practical because they include a grill section that is perfect for toasting late-night cheese on toast. They are also economical in terms of power consumption, so if you are just living on your own or as a couple, one of these small ovens would be ideal. In addition to an oven, you may need to buy some extra appliances such as a mixer and a coffee machine.

Large White Appliances

We all need larger appliances in our lives such as a refrigerator and a freezer. If you are thinking of redecorating your kitchen, why not decide on all-white color scheme for your larger appliances, too? All-white kitchens are currently enjoying a revival among many kitchen designers, so if your kitchen is looking a bit dated, why not consider giving the cabinets and walls a coat of fresh white paint? You can renew the backsplash tiles with white or marble tiles and add a new countertop, too.

The advantage of using white as the base color for your large kitchen appliances is that they will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen, giving your entire kitchen a fresh and coordinated appeal. You can then add in pops of color using kitchen linen or dishes, such as this Microwave Safe Plastic Dinner Set.

Microwave Safe Plastic Dinner Set

Small White Appliances

Many kitchens these days already have the usual staple appliances such as a toaster, a stand mixer and a coffee machine, but isn’t it good to know that all these appliances are available in white, too? This means that there is no need to worry about matching your appliances to your current decor if you choose white as your base color for all your appliances. White goes with practically any other color. Therefore, if you have decided to decorate your kitchen in white, perhaps including white backsplash tiles, these small white appliances will blend right into the counter background, which will give your kitchen a cleaner and more stylish look.

White Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen, don’t forget that there are many moveable kitchen cabinets that are also available in white. These will add extra storage to your kitchen if you are short on storage space and look attractive, too. Choose one that has wheels, which will allow it to be moved to the area of the kitchen you are currently working in to give you that extra workspace. Some people find that these units are convenient to store items such as bakeware and baking ingredients, for example. This means that searching for the flour or baking soda will be a thing of the past when you decide to make a batch of cookies because you'll have everything in one place in one of these movable storage units. 

Cilantro Green Frypans

Decorating with white kitchen appliances is such a good and practical idea because appliances are easy to replace and match if they break down, keeping the look of your white kitchen fresh and contemporary. You can then choose to add in different colors for your dishes or cookware, such as these Cilantro Green Frypans. This means that your decor can change with the seasons, and you can replace your dishes or linens if you feel like a change of pace without it affecting the overall color scheme of your kitchen.