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Everything You Need for A Modern Kitchen

Everything You Need for A Modern Kitchen

Everything You Need for A Modern Kitchen

If you are thinking about designing a modern kitchen, you might be wondering what you need to include, from cabinets and layout to your kitchen appliances. To give you some fresh ideas for your kitchen, we have put together a guide to everything that should go into a modern kitchen.


If you have decided to have a modern kitchen and are thinking about the layout, you may want to look around at some kitchen design stores to get an idea of what sort of layout you would like to have. You can also look online at kitchen designer websites to see what is current in the kitchen design world. Another way to get some ideas is to buy some kitchen design magazines. This way, you can see what appeals to you, and you can discuss it with your partner or family to get their ideas, too.



Many people overlook lighting when designing their modern kitchens, nut lighting can have such a great effect on the kitchen itself. You can install lighting that will illuminate the countertops, making food preparation so much easier. Other types of lighting illuminate the room itself and can take it from being a workspace to an area where you can serve a meal while enjoying a relaxing backlit atmosphere.

Windows and doors

Don’t forget to bring the outside in when you design your modern kitchen. You can create a feeling of light and space just by installing clear, modern windows or patio doors. Modern kitchens tend to include features of light and space, so having new windows is an easy way to achieve this look.

Color scheme

Modern kitchens tend to have a monochrome color scheme, so paint walls and ceilings in shades of white or cream, with granite countertops and simple tiled floors that are easy to clean. The look of your modern kitchen should be clear and contemporary, with just a few well-chosen kitchen appliances on display and the rest of the kitchen appliances and tools neatly stored away.

Kitchen cabinets

In the design of modern kitchens, you will find that large kitchen appliances are usually hidden away and disguised as another cabinet. This means there is no fridge, freezer or dishwasher on display, as these are installed behind cabinet doors that seamlessly blend in with the rest of the kitchen. This will give your kitchen a modern, contemporary look. Kitchen cabinets in a modern kitchen are also designed to make the best use of every inch of space. This means cabinets will be fitted from the top of the tiled backsplashes to the ceiling, with no wastage of space above a cabinet. Wall cabinets are cleverly designed for even the smallest of spaces, and they are used to store items such as herbs, spices or kitchen tools.

Kitchen appliances

In a modern kitchen, you will probably want to have kitchen appliances on display such as coffee machines and toasters. Try to have these in the same color, such as stainless steel or bright red, to give the room a uniform look. Matching cookware, such as this Duratux Tri-Ply Cookware, can tie the overall look together. Other modern kitchen appliances, such as the air fryer, panini maker and Instant Pot, may be kept nearby, but not necessarily on display. This is where well-designed cabinet spaces are so important as we tend to accumulate more appliances to make our lives easier. 

Duratux Tri-Ply Cookware

Modern appliances to save energy

You may want to invest in some new appliances that will save energy, such as a halogen stove. This type of heat-induction cooktop heats up and cools in an instant and will be economical on energy while looking great in a modern kitchen.


Something else you may want to think about when you are designing a modern kitchen is how eco-friendly you want it to be. With more and more information about how our appliances affect the environment, this might influence the type of larger kitchen appliances you have in your kitchen, such as refrigerators, washers and garbage disposals.

Breakfast island

Breakfast island

If you have the space, fitting a breakfast island is a great addition to a modern kitchen. This will not only give you an extra workspace, but it will also be perfect for serving breakfasts and quick meals.

Kitchen designers have so many great ideas for modern kitchens, from disguising large appliances to creating cabinets that take care of all your gadgets. Before you decide what type of modern kitchen you would like, take some time to do your research to find the best modern kitchen for you.