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How To Know When Your Kitchen Needs A Refresh

How To Know When Your Kitchen Needs A Refresh

How To Know When Your Kitchen Needs A Refresh

Modern life is busy, and we all have lots of plates to spin. We often think about our living rooms as the spaces that need the most attention to remain current and trendy, but allowing the time and budget needed to refresh your kitchen can make a huge difference. There are tasks that need to be carried out in the kitchen that will never be enjoyable, but having a comfortable, appealing space to complete them does make them easier. If you plan the refresh well, your kitchen will become a real hub of your home.

Update your furniture

If you look at your kitchen furniture and think it looks dated, it probably is and may be in need of a refresh. There might be easy updates you can make in your home without having to spend a lot of money. There is no guarantee that styles that are popular now are going to remain in fashion, but when it comes to a refresh, there are ideas that will help with longevity.

1. Neutral will always be in style and won’t look dated. If you prefer a color pop, choose some small things like crockery that are much easier - and cheaper - to replace when trends change.

2. Be creative with your space. Your kitchen could look very different and refreshed by simply creating some displays of pretty crockery and dishes. Replace a unit or two with shelving, or even just take some doors off. This is a good idea, but only if you’re able to keep things tidy.

3. If you have a list of odd jobs around the kitchen, go ahead and fix them. Do some general maintenance and touch up paintwork, and the kitchen will look immediately refreshed.

Moody blues

Moody blues

Color is a great way to refresh your kitchen, and if you’re looking at your walls and not loving the color any more, it might be time to reach for the paintbrush. Go for dramatic colors like midnight blues or stormy grays, forest greens or even black, in moderation. Darks are not for everyone, so the good news is that rose and dusty pinks are also in style.

Refreshing a single wall to create a feature stops the room from looking too dark. Otherwise, refreshing your backsplash is an easy way to spruce up your kitchen, either with tiles or glass or vinyl panels.


How you light your room instantly changes the mood. The lights in the ceiling are just one element. Lights underneath wall cabinets and at floor level give the place a very different look, and dimmable lights offer a different ambience. Choosing LEDs or energy-saving bulbs mean a more environmentally responsible option.

Gather ideas

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Look around for ideas and inspiration. Home shows and magazines are a great source. A major refurbishment will be a significant cash investment, but there are lots of "light touch" options that take much smaller commitments of both time and money. Treat yourself to a new appliance or organization tool. Check out our range for ideas. We think this gorgeous Ruisi Electric Food Chopper is both useful and beautiful, and a new kitchen drainage or Storage Rack adds options to your counter.

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Painting can be done in a weekend and is an excellent way to completely refresh your kitchen. Add new curtains or blinds, and in just a few hours, your kitchen looks completely different. Another very quick and easy update if you’re looking to refresh your kitchen is to change the handles on your cabinet doors. Different colors and shapes give the same unit a completely new, refreshed look.

Think about the things that will make your life easier before you commit to a big refresh. That might include updates like a boiling water faucet or perhaps installing a smart refrigerator. If your planned updates will save you money in the long term or help to organize your life now and make things easier for you, it is worth looking into. If some time has passed since you last made any changes to your kitchen, start thinking about the types of updates you could make.

When it comes down to it, your kitchen is somewhere you’ll spend a lot of time, whether you use the space to cook, eat, entertain or all of the above. It’s important to make it a space where you like to spend time. Make it friendly, inspiring and practical, and if it falls short on one of those things, it might be time for a refresh.