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Matching The Design Of Your Kitchen To The Rest Of Your Home

Matching The Design Of Your Kitchen To The Rest Of Your Home

Matching The Design Of Your Kitchen To The Rest Of Your Home

Whether you're installing a brand-new kitchen or simply upgrading certain elements of it, you'll want to make sure it matches the rest of your home decor. A starkly modern kitchen can look totally out of place in an otherwise rustic home, while a cottage-style kitchen is just not going to work in a modern apartment. Let's take a look at some ways to ensure the kitchen matches the design that runs throughout the rest of your home, but also some other considerations, like whether it's time the rest of your home matches your new kitchen.

Color Matching

Color Matching

Whatever the style of your home, if the colors of your new kitchen don't match your existing color theme, it's just not going to work. Current kitchen color trends include green and blue, two of the leading colors of 2021. If you go for green or blue kitchen cabinets and this doesn't match your current house theme, consider painting the walls of your hallway and living areas to complement the kitchen palette. Stark white kitchens with matching crockery, such as this Fine Porcelain Baking Dish, are also popular, and it's a long-term trend that isn't going anywhere. The good thing about a white kitchen is that it pretty much goes with any other color theme. Black, dark gray and dark woods are another key trend, but unlike white, this color theme will not simply go with everything. These colors are great when combined with lighter grays but do not go with creams or pastels.

Fine Porcelain Baking Dish

The rustic look

If you live in a period property, particularly a cottage or farmhouse, you will probably have a fairly rustic style in your home. This means you need to retain this cottage charm in your kitchen. Consider a range for a start as it's a great way to add a period accent into your cooking space. A shaker-style kitchen is best for a period or cottage property, and although the cabinets themselves will look new, you can add plenty of rustic and vintage touches that will complement the rest of your home decor. Details that could make a difference include dried flowers, a hanging pan rack and fresh herb plants. Consider buying a piece of standalone vintage storage, which will add a gorgeous retro accent to your new kitchen.

Scandi Style

If your home rocks the gorgeous and functional Scandi style, it's easy to make your kitchen match the rest of your home. Scandi style is characterized by clean form, natural materials and a minimalist look. You can make your new kitchen look more Scandi by blending white, neutral, pastel or earthy colors with natural wood features. In fact, exposed wood is integral to this look, whether you use it on the cabinet doors, the work surface or the tabletop. Consider installing pendant lighting and opt for a dining table with functional seating rather than a kitchen island. Modular function is a key part of the Scandi concept, so opt for cabinets that offer large amounts of storage space. This allows you to keep the space completely clutter-free. Copper and rose gold accents also look great in a Scandi-style kitchen, like the stylish Hammered Copper Wine Glass Set from Twine.

Hammered Copper Wine Glass Set from Twine

Choose the right kitchen, even if it means changing the house

Before you settle on a kitchen, take a good look around the rest of your house. Instead of instantly choosing a kitchen that matches your current decor, turn things on their head and look at this from a new perspective. A new kitchen will be around for years, if not decades, so it actually makes more sense to make the rest of the house fit your new kitchen and not the other way around. The kitchen is the hearth of the house, and it's often the place guests find themselves in when they come over and where family congregates most. In many ways, this makes it the most important room in your house, so it makes sense to start at the kitchen and build the rest of your home around it.

Whether you want a country kitchen in keeping with your rustic decor, a Scandi style that suits your minimalist home, or a state-of-the-art kitchen for a modern home style, you'll want it to flow seamlessly from your living space and hallways right into your new kitchen - the beating heart of any home. Alternatively, perhaps a new kitchen is a chance to upgrade the look in the rest of the house.