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Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Having a “traditional” kitchen does not mean that it has to be dated or old-fashioned. On the contrary, traditional can be synonymous with quality and durability, which are both very appealing to many homeowners.

Contemporary designs focus on clean lines and neat box shapes, but minimalism is not for everyone. Choosing a more traditional design can add some warmth to your living space. Of course, it is possible to take all the best things about a traditional kitchen and give them a modern twist with a theme that gives you the best of both worlds. Traditional is often seen as cozy and warm and modern is clean and sleek, making for an elegant and functional space. Read on for some of the key elements of a traditional kitchen that can work particularly well in a contemporary setting.

Glass-fronted cabinets

Where modern designs might have sleek, glossy, solid doors, glass fronts to cabinet doors are a key feature of more traditional designs. The nature of being transparent means the glass-fronted cabinets double up as being both storage and display. It makes the cabinet something to look at - a nice focal point - and creates an attractive feature in your room.

Having “regular” items suddenly on display might mean you want to rethink the way you store things inside the cabinet; a shabby cardboard box might be okay behind a solid cabinet door, but on display and visible to all, you might prefer to choose some pretty jars and canisters and decant your food into those. Something like our Plastic 4 Section Storage Jars is both practical and eye-catching.

Plastic 4 Section Storage Jars

Neutral Color Scheme

There’s no reason your kitchen should follow the same color scheme as the rest of your home, and having some pops of color can help to accentuate the best parts of your space. Choose a neutral color to start with, and then be careful with your splashes of color. Opt for brown, white and beige as your base neutrals because they are excellent bases. Once you have the provisional results, you can start thinking about the color pop. Traditional kitchens will generally take their color inspiration from nature; think greens and brown.


The simple backsplash is an easy way to add some personality to your kitchen, whatever your style. Traditionally, they would have been tiles rather than a single sheet of acrylic as you might find in a more modern design, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be brightly colored or patterned. Choose from stone, terracotta, or glass, and have both function and design in your traditional kitchen design.

Bring the Outdoors In

Since the kitchen is traditionally the heart of the home, it often overlooks the yard. If your structure allows it, you could consider big bi-fold doors onto your yard or patio to really open up and blend the inside with the outdoors. If not, combine elements of nature within your interior design. Natural wood is a classic option, and stone can work well on the floor.

Floor It

Floor It

While we’re thinking about the floor, taking time to consider the flooring material is an important factor in a traditional kitchen design. The floor is often overlooked but is a key element in the overall scheme of any room - especially the kitchen. Natural materials like wood and stone work well, but you will often find patterned floors in traditional designs, too, often with random patterns. Your floor could keep your entire look more authentic.

Have a Focus

Have a Focus

Any room needs a focal point if the design is going to work well, and the kitchen is no exception. More than most rooms, it will see a lot of traffic throughout the day and needs to serve many purposes. This ranges from food preparation and storage to eating, socializing, household organization and more. Wherever someone looks in your kitchen, you will want them to find something that draws their eyes in. In a living room, it might be a fireplace. In the kitchen, it could be a beautiful oven or stove, but it could equally be the smaller details that set off the scheme perfectly, like reclaimed door handles on the cabinets.

Above all, remember that your kitchen remains the heart of your home, so you need it to feel comfortable and homely. It needs to reflect the personality of the people who live there, so be sure to consider that when you plan your remodel or update. There might be a traditional design to suit you with ultra-modern technology.