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What Is Considered A Kitchen Appliance?

What Is Considered A Kitchen Appliance?

What Is Considered A Kitchen Appliance?

What qualities does something need for it to be categorized as a kitchen appliance? What appliances could change the way you prepare food in your home?

An appliance is a tool that has been designed to help us, so a kitchen appliance is any sort of tool or gadget that helps with the preparation and cooking of food. The kitchen appliances that we usually think of tend to be large and electrical, but there are many smaller electrical and even non-electrical appliances that make a difference in the kitchen, too. The advent of smart technology has also changed the landscape of kitchen appliances. It's important to note that there are also some appliances that we might find in the kitchen that aren't actually considered kitchen appliances, so let's find out what makes the cut and what doesn't.

Large kitchen appliances

Also known as white goods, the most common large kitchen appliances are the fridge, freezer and dishwasher. These days, modern fridge/freezers tend to come as one appliance and are larger than the old-style, under-counter options. A modern fridge/freezer might have water plumbed into the ice and chilled water section and may even have truly modern features such as smart technology, allowing it to add milk to your shopping list when you are running low! A tabletop or under-counter wine fridge would also be considered a large kitchen appliance.

Large kitchen appliances

These days, white goods are not always white, and they are increasingly built into the kitchen rather than left freestanding. The oven is another key large kitchen appliance that is sometimes included as a white good. Range ovens and oil- or gas-fueled AGAs are very popular in large kitchens as they offer plenty of space for large-scale cooking and add a rustic country look to the kitchen.

Small kitchen appliances

Once upon a time, kitchens had very few small electrical appliances, but these days, there are countless electric tools that we use to carry out various jobs. You won't find many kitchens these days without a toaster and microwave. But additional small appliances include deep fat fryers, kettles, sandwich toasters, food processors, blenders, electric whisks, smoothie makers, waffle toasters, griddles, slow cookers, air fryers, coffee machines, and even super-helpful gadgets like the Capresso Milk Frother from greatkitchenet.

Capresso Milk Frother

Smart kitchen appliances

As we've mentioned, it's now possible to buy a smart fridge that has all sorts of wonderful features, such as a memo display board and even a built-in camera so you can see what's inside from an app on your phone. There are other kitchen appliances that can be smart, too. This includes smart pressure cookers that are connected to Alexa and can be controlled remotely, as well as smart toasters that get the toast just right using clever sensors and smart voice-controlled microwaves, in case pressing a couple of buttons just seems like way too much work for you!

Mechanical appliances

Before the advent of electricity in the kitchen, there were appliances that were mechanical, not electrical. Some of these are still used in kitchens today, such as mechanical whisks. In fact, even the humble cheese grater, a lemon squeezer and a garlic crusher could be considered non-electrical kitchen appliances. The great thing about manual appliances is that you don't need to locate a power source to use them, such as the excellent Collision Plastic Manual Mini Juicer available from greatkitchenet.

Collision Plastic Manual Mini Juicer

Laundry appliances

Contrary to popular belief, a washing machine, washer/dryer or tumble dryer are not considered kitchen appliances. In fact, homeowners with larger properties tend to keep these appliances in a laundry or utility room, or even in the basement rather than the kitchen. In many European countries, it's much more commonplace to see a washing machine plumbed into the bathroom rather than the kitchen. Although it is possible to plumb a washing machine into the kitchen, it's not strictly considered a kitchen appliance as it has nothing to do with preparing or cooking food.

Kitchen appliances are there to make life easier and allow us to cook and prepare food better and faster. Maybe there are some appliances you could add to your kitchen that would really make a difference to the way you cook, and perhaps there are some older appliances at the back of your cabinet that need a serious upgrade. Whether you're considering going "smart" or you just want a more efficient kitchen, check out the small and large appliances at greatkitchenet and improve your food game.