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What Is The Difference Between Integrated And Built In Appliances?

What Is The Difference Between Integrated And Built In Appliances?

What Is The Difference Between Integrated And Built In Appliances?

Undertaking any redecoration work in the home is a big project that is likely to cause some additional stress, unless you are fortunate enough to have somewhere else to stay while the work is being completed. That way, you can stay out of the way until the work is finished and you can walk back in to a finished project. Having your kitchen out of action for any period of time is particularly difficult.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead makes a big difference. Once you have a plan, it all feels less stressful, and you might even find the project enjoyable! With a plan in place, you can spend time doting on the smaller details like shopping for the perfect products for your revitalized space. All our products at Great Kitchenet are priced competitively online.

Early on in the planning, you’ll need to decide whether your larger appliances will be integrated or built-in as that will make a difference to the look of your kitchen. They are similar, but there are key differences that must be factored in when making the decision about which option is the best for your new kitchen.

Whether appliances are integrated or built-in, they will need to be custom-fit to the work surfaces and aligned with the other units. They are different from freestanding appliances that can stand in a gap. Some people find that gaps break up the look of the kitchen too much and would rather opt for the more seamless overall look that choosing built-in or integrated appliances offers a design.

Built-in appliances

One of the big pluses of choosing built-in appliances is that they are generally made to standard sizes. They sit flush with your kitchen cabinets, and the overall look is streamlined and quite deliberate. You can still see the front of a built-in appliance, but there is some continuity and uniformity to the whole space.

Built-in appliances

When you buy a built-in appliance, you get something with a front like any other appliance, although the sides are unfinished; they don’t need to be finished because they're going to be slotted into your units. They wouldn't stand up without the kitchen cabinets to support them.

Built-in appliances still need the consideration of where they will fit. The features you want from the appliance will probably be the same regardless of whether you choose free-standing, built-in or integrated, so get that narrowed down early on in the process. Once you know the features you need and want, discuss it with your designer.

Integrated appliances

Sometimes, your style will suggest that your appliances are not visible at all. In that case, integrated cabinets are the best option. Appliances are completely hidden from view when you choose integrated varieties. High gloss finishes are very stylish at the moment and their contemporary, sleek lines are especially suited to integrated appliances. The uninterrupted lines work because each appliance has a door covering it that is hinged. When the door is closed, it looks like any other unit from the front.

Of course, being able to sit behind a fitted door means an integrated appliance might be marginally smaller than a similar free-standing counterpart, which may or may not be a factor in your decision-making. They might be slightly smaller, and they may be slightly more expensive too simply because fewer of them will be manufactured. You might be able to overlook price to a point depending on the overall look you’re trying to achieve in your kitchen.

Other things to consider

The most important thing to consider is how you and your family use the kitchen space. Talk it through with your designer, who will help you make the most of the space. It might seem obvious that your washing machine and dishwasher are placed close to one another because of the plumbing. Having the dishwasher close to the sink as well can be helpful from a practical perspective.

Collision Mini Juicer

Great Kitchenet has an excellent range of smaller appliances that can add personality to your kitchen counters. We love the Collision Mini Juicer in red or green. Our products also help keep your new kitchen looking organized with things like this handy Dish Drainer.

Dish Drainer

If we could give you one piece of advice, it would be to consider the access and how you will use your kitchen. Give yourself plenty of space between the cooker and the refrigerator to allow for the differences in temperature.

Get in touch about your ideas for a kitchen refurb - we'd love to hear your plans!