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Where Is The Best Place to Put A Wine Cabinet In Your Home?

Where Is The Best Place to Put A Wine Cabinet In Your Home?

Where Is The Best Place to Put A Wine Cabinet In Your Home?

Are you a collector of good wine, or are you someone who likes to have a few bottles in the kitchen so you can offer your friends a glass of wine when they visit? If so, you might be considering getting a wine cabinet to store your bottles, but this leads to another question: where is the best place to put it? Let's take a look at a number of places around the home where you can put your wine cabinet that will suit your lifestyle while ensuring your wine is being cared for.

Where to place a wine cabinet

If you have invested in a wine cabinet, you might be wondering where in your home is the best place to keep it. However, it is just as important to know where you should not keep it! If you live in a sunny, warm climate, it is probably not a good idea to place the wine cabinet near or under a window. Sunlight and UV rays can compromise the quality of wine. This is even true when it's stored in a cabinet as the cabinet itself could get too warm and affect the condition of the wine stored inside.

Some people like to place their wine cabinets in a place where they can see their collection and where it will be easy to access when having friends over for a drink or hosting a dinner party. There are many designs of wine cabinets that will blend in perfectly with your interior style or existing furniture, and they are available in different sizes.

Finding space for a wine cabinet

Finding space for a wine cabinet

Finding space for a wine cabinet is another consideration. It does depend on the size of your cabinet, but if you were to keep one in the kitchen, for example, you can find smaller cabinets that can be fixed to the wall and will fit between existing kitchen cabinets. If your wine collection is on the smaller side and you want to keep it in the kitchen, there will be a wine cabinet to suit you, with paintwork that matches your existing kitchen decor. If you choose a cabinet that is the same height as your other cabinets, it will blend in well with the rest of your kitchen and serve as a nice display feature, too. But perhaps you have kitchen cabinets that are underused or contain duplicate kitchen equipment? In this case, you can remove these cabinets and situate your taller wine cabinet in their place. Under the staircase is another area where people choose to put their wine cabinets. This underused space tends to be darker, too, which is another optimum condition that wine is best kept in.

A dining room wine cabinet

Hammered Copper Glasses

Placing a wine cabinet in your dining room is a good decision if you entertain guests often. The cabinet will be easy to access and you can dispense the wine without having to leave the room or your guests. There are many wine cabinets on the market that are designed to blend in with interior designs, such as traditional furniture designs or even ultra-modern and contemporary styles. Glasses and accessories can also be bought to match or stand out as statement pieces, such as these Hammered Copper Glasses or these Port Sippers.This will allow your wine cabinet to be part of your existing interior decor. As long as you position the cabinet away from a sunny window, it will be a good place to keep your wine. 

Port Sippers


If you have a basement, this is one of the best areas in a house to put your wine cabinet. Temperatures tend to be cooler, and the lighting is generally darker. Professional wine makers store their wines in cellars for good reasons, so if you have a larger wine collection and you want to keep it in optimum condition, consider the basement.

Storage of wine

If you thought that storing your wine was as simple as keeping a bottle chilled in the refrigerator, think again. Wine is best stored at temperatures between between 53 and 57°F. Some people like to keep their wine collection on top of the refrigerator as it is a convenient place and a space longing to be used, especially in smaller kitchens. However, the warmth that rises to the top of the refrigerator as it is running will not be good for wine.

There are many areas around the home where you can place your wine cabinet. It all comes down to lifestyle and personal choice.